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For groups of 10 or more, enjoy the following set menu for

$4.90/person (one bun per guest)

$7.35/person (one & a half buns per guest)

$9.85/person (two buns per guest)


Add a Salad + $1.65 – $4.70/person

(varies by choice)

Add a Soup + $1.40 – $4.40/person

(varies by choice)

Assorted Hot Finger Foods + $3.95/person

Chef's gourmet selection (minimum 15 people required)

Assorted Luncheon Dessert Selection + $2.00/person

(1.25 per person)

Drinks + $2.00 each

(assorted pop, juice and bottled water)

Fresh Fruit

Gourmet Fancies Lunch Package + $2.50/person

(2 per person)

Luncheon Vegetables and Dip + $1.75/person

Please Note:

Earth-friendly disposable dishes are not included and may be added for a nominal charge. Orders need to be placed prior to 10 am on the previous business day.