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We are bringing one of our favourite proteins with a trio of vegetarian dishes that would satisfy just about every palate to you. A flavour and texture explosion, the Chef’s Special features a slow-roasted pork belly, seasonal produce, housemade dressings and a light dessert to make for the perfect office lunch meeting or celebration.


China Lunch Setting add $1.14/person

Drinks add $1.75 each

(assorted pop, juice and bottled water)

Earth Friendly Disposables add $0.40/person

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit Kebabs add $2.45/person

Fresh Ground Coffee and Teas
10 cups – $12.50
30 cups – $30.00
50 cups – $47.50
75 cups – $70.00
100 cups – $90.00 Assorted Tea-$1.35/person

Please Note:

Earth-friendly disposable dishes are not included and may be added for a nominal charge. Orders need to be placed prior to 10 am on the previous business day.